On a recent project we collaborated on, Emily’s translation and quality of work were superb. It was a very tricky text and she handled it gracefully and rendered the final translation beautifully. The client appreciated her going above and beyond to make sure every detail and doubt was resolved and she kept crystal clear lines of communication open from start to finish.
— Sarah Symons Glegorio, CT, Shark Translations

I greatly appreciate all of the hard work and attention Emily has given to our projects. Her deliveries are conscientious and well researched, and she accepts feedback with grace. 
— Project Manager, ION Translations

I basically made all the changes recommended, the copy person E Safrin is brilliant!!! Thank them for me lots and lots.
— Samantha Garner, author of Mental Health in Education: Building Good Foundations

Emily is a dedicated professional translator and interpreter, and an avid advocate for professional development. It has been a pleasure to work with Emily as she is always very respectful of time, quality, and accuracy. She is always very reasonable, kind, cheerful, and supportive. Emily is reliable and creative, which makes teamwork smooth and easy.
— Svetlana Ruth, CMI (Certified Medical Interpreter and interpreter trainer)