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What is the difference between translation and interpreting?

This is a common question with a very simple answer: translation refers to written documents, while interpreting refers to spoken language.

Translators carefully craft a text in the target language so that it resembles the original text as closely as possible, taking into account both linguistic and cultural features.

Interpreting is the transferal of spoken language from one language to another, taking into account the true meaning of the message based on culture and the speaker's intent.

How much does translation cost?

For translation (written documents), price varies depending on the document, but rates are usually based on the number of words in your document. For small projects, I charge a base fee rather than a per-word fee.

To give you an idea, translation of a 1-page diploma costs around $75. Translation of a 4-page patient education document costs around $400.

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I’ve never worked with a translator or interpreter before. What can I expect?

The American Translators Association (ATA), one of the largest translation and interpreting associations in the world, has published guides that may be helpful in determining how to begin planning for your translation project or interpreting needs and how to find the right person for the job.

Translation: Getting it Right / Interpreting: Getting it Right

Translation: Buying a non-commodity. How translation standards can help buyers & sellers.