My name is Emily Safrin. I’m an ATA-certified Spanish-to-English translator based in Portland, OR. I’ve lived between the US and Spain—where I’m often mistaken for a local—since 2004.

Why medicine and food?

Let me explain.


I’ve worked in health care as a phlebotomist, lab technician, and clinic assistant, as well as the lead translator-interpreter and language services program coordinator for the leading reproductive health-care provider in the Northwest US. I’ve also worked as a research assistant in multiple settings, including pharmaceuticals and human behavior.

I help English-speaking medical researchers decipher Spanish-language journal articles and communicate with Spanish-speaking patients and study participants. Spanish-speaking researchers rely on me to produce publishable English translations of their findings.

I’ve cooked and eaten my way through Spain during my stints living in Madrid, Barcelona, and Cádiz. I’ve also worked for the Spanish government as a cultural ambassador. I earned my master’s in intercultural communication and translation from the Universidad de Alcalá. Today, I enjoy the booming culinary scene in Portland, OR.

I help Spanish restaurant owners bring English-speaking guests to the table by producing enticing and eloquent English translations. American owners of Spanish restaurants trust me to ensure their menus read not only poetically, but authentically.