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My passion for language, particularly Spanish, has always been an integral part of who I am. Spanish has surrounded me since I was a child growing up in the border city of San Diego. Taking Spanish classes in middle and high school felt like a given, as did my penchant for seeking perfection when it came to language and grammar rules--something I loved the way most kids love cartoons.

Beginning at age 16, when I attended a language academy in Barcelona, a series of coincidences kept leading me back to Spain. I have since been immersed in Spanish culture for varying periods of time over the past 12 years while living, studying and working in Spain. Although I focused on a psychology major in college, I continued taking Spanish classes out of personal interest and studied Spanish language, literature, history and geography at the Universidad de Cádiz. By the time I graduated, I was unknowingly only two credits short of a Spanish major.

After graduating, I was hired by the Spanish Ministry of Education to serve as a cultural ambassador in Madrid. After working there for two years, I went on to complete a master’s in public service translation and interpreting at the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), member of the prestigious European Master's in Translation (EMT) network.

I now live in Portland, OR, where I feel lucky to work in my dream job as a professional Spanish-English translator and interpreter specializing in the medical and life sciences sectors and vital records. I am an ATA-certified Spanish-to-English translator, CERTIFIED HEALTHCARE INTERPRETER™ (CCHI), and Oregon Certified Health Care Interpreter. 

In my free time, I enjoy eating pizza at the local movie theater, exploring the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, and dancing flamenco (something I picked up in Madrid!). 

Emily Safrin, MA, CHI™, CT